OFFICIAL Twin Peaks Card with Issue #2

It is hard to find news that rivals the fact that our beloved Twin Peaks will be airing new episodes on May 21, 2017. At The Blue Rose we are prepping Issue #2 trying to create something special for what will become the only issue of a Twin Peaks magazine to ever be published DURING an actual run of the series. This issue will be a collectable just for that fact. So we figured, why not up the excitement?

We can now announce that Showtime Networks has provided us with a unique collectible card and every person who buys Issue #2 gets one for free. To be able to partner with Showtime in only our second issue makes me want to ask for a glass of water because my socks are on fire.

When you purchase a  subscription or order Issue 2 you will receive a  6×8 lenticular cards containing the official key art for the new Twin Peaks (both the Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper images will appear, depending on how you hold the card.) If you buy 2 copies, you will get 2  copies of the same card, etc. This is an official release so don’t miss this opportunity to own a one of a kind Twin Peaks item. (Yes, if you already pre-ordered you will receive one.)

These are not the cards, we have not received them yet, although I am pretty sure it will be these photos.

The content in Issue #2 is more exciting than watching Pete Martell compete in a chess championship (or is it checkers now?) We can’t reveal the cover art yet, but we can reveal the contents.

Issue #2 contents*

  • Jennifer Lynch Interview about the Laura Palmer Diary by David Bushman
  • Coverage of the Laura Palmer’s diary and life with articles by Courtenay Stallings and Scott Ryan
  • The Return of Twin Peaks by John Thorne
  • Robert Engels Interview about FWWM
  • The Missing Pieces Recap pt.2 by Mya McBriar
  • The Hazel Drew Mystery by David Bushman & Mark Givens (Deer Meadow Radio)
  • Mark Frost Interview by Andreas Halskov
  • Tribute to Warren Frost/Miguel Ferrer by John Thorne, Scott Ryan
  • Music In The Air: Soundtrack of Twin Peaks 

*All items are subject to change up until we print

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Issue #2 is not finalized yet, so that is not the actual cover. As we get closer to the date we will release more information. Honestly, Issue 2 is shaping up to actually be too good. There is a ton of content in this one. Also, this magazine will make history as being the first and only issue to be released while the series is actually running. Wrapped in Plastic started after the series ended and The Blue Rose started before. We live in fun Twin Peaks times.

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