Jeff Lemire’s Issue 5 Cover revealed

We are honored to show you the cover for Issue 5 for the first time. Comic book artist, Jeff Lemire (Gideon Falls, Old Man Logan) is a huge Twin Peaks fans and he asked us if he could do the front cover. We were thrilled. Here it is:

Isn’t it amazing? But wait, there is more. He then asked if he could do the back cover. So this image wraps around to the back. That one, we are not putting out on the internet. You have to wait untill your magazine comes in the mail in March, 2018. Order this amazing piece of art. It is a one of a kind image and can only be purchased from the Blue Rose. We thank Jeff for this honor.

Issue 5 also has an interview with Lost creator Damon Lindelof, Actor Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), an essay by John Thorne about Parts 17 & 18, coverage of the BluRay release by Courtenay Stallings and another installment of Music in the Air.

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What year is this? Year 2

Agent Cooper stood there mystified. “What year is this?” he asked. Well, it is year 2 of The Blue Rose Magazine. Year 1 saw 4 issues, 18 new hours, 3 soundtracks and a ton of questions. Season 3 may have divided some fans, but it had to spark everyone’s imagination. You are left with questions and we have answers.

Year 2 begins in March with Issue 5. It has so much star power that we are humbled. Let’s start with the cover. You wanna see the picture? Not yet.

Comic Book Artist, Jeff Lemire, who was recently picked as writer of the year by Multiversity Universe Comics, has drawn an original wrap around cover. Jeff is a huge Twin Peaks fan and wanted to draw something new for the cover. He combines a few items from Twin Peaks mythology into one large picture that will wrap from the front to the back. This cover will be a one of a kind image and will be a collector’s item for Twin Peaks fans and Comic fans alike. This right here is all you really need to know about Issue 5, but there is more.

We have a brand new interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer). Ray talks about working on Season 3, talks about the Between Two Worlds bonus feature on the (ha) Complete Mystery Box set and talks about the original series. He truly loves Twin Peaks and its a great interview. He also promotes his newest movie called Iodine. You can watch it now at Use the Promo code: BLUEROSE for 10% off.

You still need more? John Thorne writes about Parts 17 & 18, Courtenay Stallings takes on the BluRay extras and Scott Ryan covers the first of 3 parts on the soundtracks of Twin Peaks in the reoccurring article, Music in the Air.

One more thing . . .  We have an interview with Emmy winning writer, producer Damon Lindelof of Lost and The Leftovers. He was the moderator at the San Diego Comic Con and is a huge Twin Peaks fan. We talk to him about the production of Twin Peaks and how it will effect the world of television.

All this is just Issue 5. Not sure we can top this one, but we are gonna try. You can subscribe now to issues 5-8. When you do, you also are donating to the Catherine Coulson Welcome Fund at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The theatre where our Log Lady worked most of her career. We feel strongly about giving back to the community that we love so.

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Issue 4 will be released in December. Amy Shiels is on the cover. We interview her about her role as Candie as well as her trip to the UK Twin Peaks Festival. If you order the Dougie Subscription, you get Issue 1-3 right now, and we will send you Issue 4 when it is released in December. See below to see the breakdown.

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Issue #1: Covers The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, a tribute to Catherine Coulson, A look at the Missing Pieces and more

Issue #2: Covers The Diary of Laura Palmer. Interviews with Jennifer Lynch, Mark Frost and Bob Engels and more.

Issue #3: An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Return parts 1-10 by John Thorne. Brad Dukes pays tribute to Michael Parks and Courtenay Stallings talks about David Lynch’s Art

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Issue #4: (Coming December 2017) An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Returns parts 11-18 by John Thorne. Amy Shiels interview and coverage of The UK Twin Peaks Festival and more.

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Issue 3 Cover revealed

We are ready to debut the cover of Issue 3.

Think Bad Cooper and Glass Boxes:

Designed by Scott Ryan, we tried to have a potpourri of characters new and old on the front cover. Since we have only seen the first 8 parts, there may be a few tweaks to the cover depending on what happens in Parts 9 or 10. But this is the general idea of the front cover of Issue 3. It will be released September 24th, 2017.

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Issue 3 contents* (Subject to change up to the last moment that we print.)

  • Reference Guide of Parts 1-10 by John Thorne. (Seriously, that should be enough to entice you.) Each part will be split into synopsis, notes and comments, filled with full color pictures from the episodes – courtesy of Showtime.
  • Interview with Nicole LaLiberté (Darya) by Scott Ryan
  • The Art of David Lynch vs Season 3 by Courtenay Stallings
  • An article about The Catherine Coulson Welcome Fund by Scott Ryan
  • A Tribute to Michael Parks (Jean Renault) by Brad Dukes
  • Maybe more…

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Issue #1 – A detailed review of Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks. This book is becoming more relevant as the new season plays on. We also have articles on the Missing Pieces, the music of Twin Peaks and part 1 of a Bob Engels interview and more

Issue #2 – A look at the Laura Palmer Diary which has just shown up in the new season. We have interviews with Mark Frost, Bob Engels and Jennifer Lynch. Coverage of the LA premiere from John Thorne, an article about the Darkest Secret of Twin Peaks and more.

Issue #3 is an Episode guide of Parts 1-10 written by John Thorne.  We also have an article about Catherine Coulson, David Lynch’s Art and tribute to Michael Parks.

Issue #4 will be published in December. With the rest of the Episode guide (parts 11-18) We also would like to do a feature on the Laura Palmer house and some new interviews

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