One Year Subscription (Issues 2, 3, 4)


This is a subscription for The Blue Rose Magazine Issues 2, 3, 4 ONLY.

You are GUARANTEED the pre-order price of $7.50 on all three issues, plus reduced shipping costs. This subscription does NOT include Issue #1. This is for a 1 year subscription starting with Issue 2, and running through Issue 4. Issue 2 comes out June 24th.

All subscriptions will come with an OFFICIAL Twin Peaks 6 X 8 Laura & Cooper card supplied by Showtime. This card will not be for sale. Only way to get the card is to order Issue #2.

Issue #2 contents:

  • Jennifer Lynch Interview about the Laura Palmer Diary by David Bushman
  • Coverage of the Laura Palmer’s diary and life with articles by Courtenay Stallings and Scott Ryan
  • The Return of Twin Peaks by John Thorne
  • Robert Engels Interview about FWWM
  • The Missing Pieces Recap pt.2 by Mya McBriar
  • The Hazel Drew Mystery by David Bushman & Mark Givens (Deer Meadow Radio)
  • Mark Frost Interview by Andreas Halskov
  • Tribute to Warren Frost/Miguel Ferrer by John Thorne, Scott Ryan
  • Music In The Air: Soundtrack of Twin Peaks 

You are able to order multiple subscriptions if you want to have back up copies to sell on Ebay in 20 years.


You could cover your body in post-it notes to remember to order Issues 2, 3, and 4 of The Blue Rose or you can subscribe right now. Hit the add to Cart button above.

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We ship world wide (The website adds extra shipping if you buy 2 subscriptions and send it to Europe or Over Seas from America.  The cost of 2 subscriptions with shipping should be a total of $72.00. It charges you more and we will refund the extra charge of $5.65. I have no idea how to fix that. This does NOT effect orders to America or Canada or if you only buy 1 subscription.)



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