The Dougie Subscription (Issues 1,2,3,4)

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This is a full Dougie Subscription. You get Issue 1 (The Secret History Issue) and Issue 2 (The Diary Issue) and Issue 3 (Part 1 of an episode guide) in September.  Issue 4 (Part 2 of the episode guide) in December. So buying this one products gets you everything we create in 2017.


Issue #1: Covers The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, a tribute to Catherine Coulson, A look at the Missing Pieces and more

Issue #2: Covers The Diary of Laura Palmer. Interviews with Jennifer Lynch, Mark Frost and Bob Engels and more.

Issue #3: An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Return parts 1-10 by John Thorne. Interview with Nicole LaLiberté (Darya) by Scott Ryan. Brad Dukes pays tribute to Michael Parks and Courtenay Stallings talks about David Lynch’s Art

Issue #4: (Coming December 2017) An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Returns parts 11-18 by John Thorne. Coverage of the Palmer House and new interviews with the new cast.



Just like Dougie, you want to carry around all the “case files.” If you are new to The Blue Rose Magazine, you can add this one product to your cart and get all we have to offer in 2017. Order this and we will ship Issues  1,2, 3 on September 19th  and we will ship you Issue 4 when it is released in December.


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