The Blue Rose Magazine Issue #5

$12.00 $9.99

Issue 5  contents include:

  • Exclusive Front and back cover drawn by Marvel/DC comic book artist Jeff Lemire. We are not going to show the back cover.  To see that, you have to order.
  • Interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) by Scott Ryan
  • Coverage of the Blue Ray bonus features by Courtenay Stallings
  • Coverage of the first public appearance of Harry Goaz & Kimmy Robertson  by John Thorne
  • An Essay about Parts 17 & 18 by John Thorne
  • An interview with Lost creator Damon Lindelof by John Thorne & Scott Ryan
  • Music in the Air about the Bang Bang Bar record by Scott Ryan

How do you get Issue 5?

  • New to The Blue Rose? Order the “: – ALL” Special and get Issues 1-8 with one click. (while Issue 1 lasts) $1 goes to the Log Lady Fund. Order by clicking here


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