The Blue Rose Magazine Issue #2 (Pre-order)

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Issue #2 is now available for Pre-order. It will be released in Hard copy and Digital form on June 24th, 2017. The cover listed is not the offical cover, we are waiting for it to be approved by an actress. (Oooo, huh?) Issue #2 will be the only issue of either of Wrapped in Plastic or Blue Rose that was ever released while Twin Peaks actually aired on television.

Every order will come with an OFFICIAL Twin Peaks 6 X 8 Laura & Cooper card supplied by Showtime. This card will not be for sale. Only way to get the card is to order Issue #2.

Issue #2 could change as we are still working on it, but this is what we have planned.

Issue #2 of the Blue Rose Magazine will continue the tradition established in Issue #1. We cover Twin Peaks and the world of David Lynch and Mark Frost.

  • Jennifer Lynch Interview about the Laura Palmer Diary by David Bushman
  • Coverage of the Laura Palmer’s diary and life with articles by Courtenay Stallings and Scott Ryan
  • The Return of Twin Peaks by John Thorne
  • Robert Engels Interview about FWWM
  • The Missing Pieces Recap pt.2 by Mya McBriar
  • The Hazel Drew Mystery by David Bushman & Mark Givens (Deer Meadow Radio)
  • Mark Frost Interview by Andreas Halskov
  • Tribute to Warren Frost/Miguel Ferrer by John Thorne, Scott Ryan
  • Music In The Air: Soundtrack of Twin Peaks 

This is a pre-order, all articles are subject to change. The Digital and hard copy edition will be available on June 24th, 2017.

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The pre-order price of $7.50 is good until June 24th. 

This publication is also available for pre-order in digital format at Amazon.

You can Subscribe to Issues 2,3,4 by clicking here. If you want to subscribe, you do not have to pre-order Issue 2, just subscribe and you will receive Issue 2,3,4. Issue 1 is NOT included in the subscription.

Supply is low on Issue 1 so order while you can.


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