2018 Log Lady Subscription: Issues 5-8

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This is the subscription for the Twin Peaks magazine, The Blue Rose for 2018.

We are finally opening orders for year 2: The Log Lady Subscription. This will include Issue 5 (March 2018) Ray Wise Interview and an Essay by John Thorne about Parts 17 & 18, Issue 6 (June 2018), Issue 7 (Sept. 2018), Issue 8 (Dec 2018). One of these issues will be a supersize issue. By subscribing, you will not pay more for this issue.

We have called the new subscription, The Log Lady, because we are donating a $1 from each subscription to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for the Catherine Coulson Fund. If you can match this $1 or increase it when you check out at PayPal, that would be great. This money goes to help the actors at the theatre where Catherine Coulson (Margaret Lanterman) worked most of her life. Thank you for supporting their fund.

The advantage of subscribing is that there is no upcharge on extended issues and no change in your shipping costs if postage rises.


We can’t tell you what will be in the next 4 issues because…well we don’t yet. We can tell you that we have conducted an interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) which will appear in Issue 5. We also have an interview with Lost co-creator, Damon Lindelof, which also will be in Issue 5. We have two guest artists that are working on front covers for this subscription.

We also have a ton of interviews set up with the new cast. We have already conducted an interview with Michael Horse (Hawk) that will also be appearing in Issue 6. The quality we started in year 1 will continue in year 2 with your support. John Thorne, Courtenay Stallings and Scott Ryan will continue to work with new writers every issue to bring you the best of Twin Peaks.

Thank you for your order. Subscribers are what makes a print magazine possible.

If you are new to the Blue Rose, you may want to start from the beginning. Order the “: – ALL” Special and get Issues 1-8 with one click. Gets you the better deal and a $1 goes to the Log Lady Fund. Order by clicking here


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