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You can subscribe to The Blue Rose for 2018 (Issues 5-8). It is called The Log Lady Subscription 

The Log Lady 2018 Subscription contains:

Issue #5: (Coming in March 2018) The Front and Back cover of Issue 5 is designed by professional artist, Jeff Lemire. This collector’s drawing will only be available as our cover. Plus, an interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), an Essay by John Thorne about Parts 17 & 18, Coverage of Harry Goaz’s Texas appearance, an interview with Lost Creator Damon Lindelof,  a review of Blu Ray Special Features for Season 3, Music In The Air and more.

Issue #6 (Coming in June 2018)

Issue #7 (Coming in August. 2018) The Women of Lynch Special Extended Edition

Issue #8 (Coming in Dec. 2018)

If you are new to The Blue Rose and you want all 8 issues, then order “: -) ALL” which includes Issues 1-8.  1-4 ships now and 5-8 ships throughout 2018.

Each Subscription includes a $1 donation to the Log Lady Fund at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, so when you order, you help the theater where Catherine Coulson worked most of her career.

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