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We offer a one year subscription for $22.50. That is 3 issues at the pre-order price of $7.50 each. This ONLY includes Issues 2,3,4. If you want Issue 1 you have to buy it separately as our supply is low. If you want to start subscribing with Issue 3, you can’t. We will offer year subscriptions once a year. This one starts with 2,3,4. The next one will be for 5,6,7. That way we can keep track of subscriptions without going as crazy as Ben Horne for the Civil War.

If you want multiple copies of each, then order 2 subscriptions, or 8 if you want. You will get that many copies of each of the 3 issues all at the discounted Pre-order price. You are given a shipping break within the price. Each country has their own subscription shipping costs. All subscriptions start off at $22.50 and then add shipping for 3 issues.

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