There are two subscriptions available. The Dougie Subscription (2017 – Issues 1-4) and The Log Lady Subscription (2018 – Issues 5-8)

The Dougie 2017 Subscription contains:

Issue #1: (Ships Now) Covers The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, a tribute to Catherine Coulson, A look at the Missing Pieces and more

Issue #2: (Ships Now) Covers The Diary of Laura Palmer. Interviews with Jennifer Lynch, Mark Frost and Bob Engels and more.

Issue #3: (Ships Now) An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Return parts 1-10 by John Thorne. Brad Dukes pays tribute to Michael Parks and Courtenay Stallings talks about David Lynch’s Art

Issue #4: (Coming December 2017) An Episode guide of Twin Peaks: The Returns parts 11-18 by John Thorne. Coverage of the UK Twin Peaks Fest and a new interview with Amy Shiels.

*Shipping on the 2017 subscription is cheaper because Issues 1-3 ship together now instead of one at a time.

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The Log Lady 2018 Subscription contains:

Issue #5: (Coming in March 2018) An interview with Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), an Essay by Mya McBriar, Coverage of Harry Goaz’s Texas appearance, an interview with Lost Creator Damon Lindelof and more.

Issue #6 (Coming in June 2018)

Issue #7 (Coming in Sept. 2018)

Issue #8 (Coming in Dec. 2018)

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