Pre-order Issue #2

You can now pre-order Issue #2 of the Blue Rose Magazine. It will be released on June 24th in Digital and Hard copy formats on the same day.

You can pre-order the hard copy if Issue #2 only.


You can subscribe to Issue 2,3,4 here.

You can pre-order Issue 2 the digital edition at Amazon.

Click here to order a print version of  Issue #1

If you subscribe, you do not have to buy Issue 2 as well. All subscriptions start with 2 and end with 4. Subscribing guarantees you the low pre-order price for the issues plus a discounted shipping charge. If you want Issue 1, you have to buy that separately as our supply is low.

Honestly, Issue 2 is shaping up to actually be too good. There is a ton of content in this one. Also, this magazine will make history as being the first and only issue to be released while the series is actually running. Wrapped in Plastic started after the series ended and The Blue Rose started before. We live in fun Twin Peaks times.

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