Year 2 Subscription: The Log Lady

Because of reader support, The Blue Rose can announce that we will return for another year in print. Thank you so much for supporting an old fashioned print product. If it were not for our subscribers, we would not be able to keep printing an actual edition. You can now order Issues 5-8 which we call The Log Lady Subscription.

If you are new to the Blue Rose, Order the “: – ALL” Special and get Issues 1-8 with one click. Gets you the better deal and a $1 goes to the Log Lady Fund. Order by clicking here.

If you are a subscriber now, your subscription ran out with Issue 4, so you want to get The Log Lady Subscription.

Subscribers do not pay for Super Sized issues (Issue 4 is super-sized and everyone who subscribed didn’t have to pay for the extra pages or shipping costs)

Order the 2018 Log Lady Subscription (Issues 5-8: Ships in 2018)

Order the “: – ALL”  Subscription (Issues 1-8)

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