Issue 3 Cover revealed

We are ready to debut the cover of Issue 3.

Think Bad Cooper and Glass Boxes:

Designed by Scott Ryan, we tried to have a potpourri of characters new and old on the front cover. Since we have only seen the first 8 parts, there may be a few tweaks to the cover depending on what happens in Parts 9 or 10. But this is the general idea of the front cover of Issue 3. It will be released September 24th, 2017.

The best way to get Issue 3 is to order the Dougie Special. You get Issues 1 & 2 shipped to you now and you are ready to go when Issues 3 and 4 are printed.  Issue 4 will be part 2 of our reference guide covering parts 11-18. We also hope to have a few interviews and some surprises.

Issue 3 contents* (Subject to change up to the last moment that we print.)

  • Reference Guide of Parts 1-10 by John Thorne. (Seriously, that should be enough to entice you.) Each part will be split into synopsis, notes and comments, filled with full color pictures from the episodes – courtesy of Showtime.
  • Interview with Nicole LaLiberté (Darya) by Scott Ryan
  • The Art of David Lynch vs Season 3 by Courtenay Stallings
  • An article about The Catherine Coulson Welcome Fund by Scott Ryan
  • A Tribute to Michael Parks (Jean Renault) by Brad Dukes
  • Maybe more…

How do you get Issue 3?

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If you are attending the Showtime Twin Peaks Festival in Washington, we will be selling Issues 1 & 2 as well subscriptions. We will also be at the UK Twin Peaks Festival and hope to have Issues 1-3 on sales there.

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