Full Subscription For issues 1-4

Do you feel like Dougie? Do you want to ¬†wander around carrying case files and searching for coffee? We have everything you need in our “Dougie subscription special.” If you are brand new to The Blue Rose Magazine and you order the Dougie Special, you get all the Hard Copy issues that are printed now and are set for the rest of 2017. Issues 1 & 2 will ship to you immediately. You also get automatically subscribed to Issue 3 (Coming in September) and Issue 4 (Coming in December). We decided to offer this for all our new fans and readers. We are trying to offer a few different packages for the different readers that come our way.

If you already bought Issue 1 back in February, you would then want to get our subscription for just 2-4.

The Dougie Special is perfect if you have never bought any hard copies of the Blue Rose before.

The Dougie Special includes:

Issue #1 – A detailed review of Mark Frost’s Secret History of Twin Peaks. This book is becoming more relevant as the new season plays on. We also have articles on the Missing Pieces, the music of Twin Peaks and part 1 of a Bob Engels interview and more

Issue #2 – A look at the Laura Palmer Diary which has just shown up in the new season. We have interviews with Mark Frost, Bob Engels and Jennifer Lynch. Coverage of the LA premiere from John Thorne, an article about the Darkest Secret of Twin Peaks and more. Issue 2 comes with a Showtime Promo card, while supplies last.

Issue #3 will be published in September and will be an Episode guide (Possibly parts 1-10). If you subscribe, you are guaranteed the pre-order low price. We also have an article about Catherine Coulson, David Lynch’s Art and tribute to Michael Parks.

Issue #4 will be published in December and we are hoping for it to be full of interviews about the new season. (Possibly the rest of the Episode guide (parts 11-18) We also would like to do a feature on the Laura Palmer house.

Order the Dougie Special today and get all 4 issues.